Way practice smiling have an impressive personality.

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A smile is a symbol that we use to express feelings of happiness and joy. We all have many reasons to smile each day. Smile to greet others Smile to express the emotion you are feeling at that moment. A smile doesn’t just give a positive feeling to the person smiling and those around you. Smiling may also help improve your physical, mental, and life health in ways you may not even know.

Way practice smiling to look good, be sincere, and have an impressive personality: Report byยูฟ่าเบท

  • Smile showing your teeth.Make your mouth V-shaped with a wide tip and the corners of the mouth pointing up, not down. But you have to train it to be natural. Otherwise it will become like a slasher.
  • Don’t widen your eyes and look cute.Sometimes, as we get older We may be afraid that we will get wrinkles when we smile. So I used the method of widening my eyes. In fact, when you try to make your eyes bigger, Your smile will look tense. And it’s like forcing a smile.
  • When you smile, you should smile at your eyes as well.Because the eyes are the window to the soul.A smile like this will show sincerity. The facial expression and eyes should have emotions together.It’s not just the smile on the mouth. But be careful not to smile until your eyes are dizzy.
  • Smile showing your teeth and open your mouth slightly.It will make your smile look more lively.It was a smile mixed with laughter.But be careful not to open your mouth too wide. Just leaving enough space between your upper teeth and lower lip is enough.
  • Lift the tongue up to the roof of the gums.For anyone who has a double chin Or the chin is layered by bringing the tongue up to the roof of the gums. It will help pull the chin muscles up. And it doesn’t make you have a saggy underbelly when you smile. Make you more confident