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High-fat foods How does it affect us.

Foods that are high in saturated fat or cholesterol, such as oily, fried food, sweets, and various crunchy snacks, even though they taste delicious But it has a negative effect on the body. It also causes various diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and fat that

Simple self-care tips for people who have clear braces(Invisalign).

The Invisalign System Is A Virtually Invisible And Hygienic Dental Treatment. Which Uses Innovation To Effectively Align Teeth. Using a set of removable braces. Made specifically for you and you alone. These braces are made of plastic that is barely visible. which you place on

Gastrointestinal disease.

The stomach is an organ that contains concentrated gastric juice and acid for digestion. Therefore, the walls of the stomach lining Therefore, there must be a mechanism for adjusting the condition to be resistant to acid and gastric juice to prevent ulcers from occurring in

Way practice smiling have an impressive personality.

A smile is a symbol that we use to express feelings of happiness and joy. We all have many reasons to smile each day. Smile to greet others Smile to express the emotion you are feeling at that moment. A smile doesn’t just give a positive