Pogba has broken his knee and will not play at the 2022 World Cup

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Juventus midfielder Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba could miss France’s Fifa World Cup title defense later this year if he needs surgery on a knee disc. Could miss France’s Fifa World Cup title defense later. This year if he needs surgery on a knee disc. Because it takes 4-5 months to rehabilitate until. It’s fit enough to knock on rust and wait until the next era.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Pogba injured his right knee in training. During his pre – season tour to the United States. Must be separate from the group to return to Italy to see a specialist in order to find the best treatment.  

Option 1 is to remove the torn piece of cartilage completely. Recovery time is about 40-60 days , but this approach is suitable for younger players ufabet. and may affect movement  

The second option is to have a large surgery with an open incision, which will definitely heal. It will take 4-5 months to recover, which means that the World Cup in Qatar in November will be expired .

It is unfortunate for the 29 – year -old star , the ‘ Bianconeri ‘ club and the ‘ Chicken Badge ‘ team. Because expectations for the Frenchman star are high and because Pogba is injure R. Tour Melo , head coach Max Allegri ‘s unplanned midfielder. He will have to wear his uniform at the Allianz Stadium .