Simple self-care tips for people who have clear braces(Invisalign).

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The Invisalign System Is A Virtually Invisible And Hygienic Dental Treatment. Which Uses Innovation To Effectively Align Teeth. Using a set of removable braces. Made specifically for you and you alone. These braces are made of plastic that is barely visible. which you place on your teeth to slowly move them into place Most people will hardly notice you’re wearing the device. Helping you maintain your lifestyle during orthodontic treatment.

Taking care of yourself while having Invisalign braces

Of course, Invisalign clear braces require different maintenance techniques than metal braces. But only a few points were add. Basic care must still be done strictly because every care has a great impact on orthodontics. So that you don’t have to spend money. Wasting time getting new teeth Here are some self-care tips that you need to follow. Report by สมัคร ufabet

  • Brush your teeth after meals. It may not seem like a very secret trick. But do you know the correct way to brush your teeth after meals? For people who have braces with metal braces, there will be help. It’s a toothbrush made specifically for people with braces. But people who have clear braces must study how to brush properly according to the doctor’s advice. And you should brush after every meal.
  • Use dental floss. Just like brushing your teeth. You need to floss to clean your teeth properly. and make it a daily routine Learn to use dental floss correctly. And take the time to properly care for your teeth at this stage. Don’t do it for too long. Or too little While using it, make sure that there is no dirt left behind.
  • Use a soft brush. Use a soft brush to clean your teeth. Instead of a brush with relatively hard bristles Using a soft brush In addition to preserving the mother’s teeth. It also prevents bruising of the gums caused by brushing your teeth with hard bristles. and that inflamed gums may require treatment Until having to start getting braces from scratch.
  • Clean tools regularly. The same is true for braces. It is necessary to take care of orthodontic equipment properly. Invisalign braces Appliances may need to be clean more frequently than with metal braces. Because you have to wear the tools all the time. Cleaning your tools is similar to cleaning your retainers. is to use a soft brush to clean on a daily basis.
  • Always see the dentist as scheduled. The most important thing about taking care of yourself for those who have clear braces is: Going to a doctor’s appointment In order to change orthodontic appliances and follow up on orthodontic treatment closely If you don’t go that way. The dentist’s orthodontic planning may be inaccurate. This has a very negative effect on orthodontics. Some people go to see the doctor just one month late and have to start over from the first step.