Palomino could face a four-year ban for doping issues

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Atalanta defender Jose Luis Palomino could face a four-year ban if found to have deliberately used steroids.

         The 32-year-old defensive line was randomly teste for doping during pre-season before the start of the new season. And found a substance clostabol metabolite in the body. Which is a substance ban for the World Anti-Doping Agency. Or Wada. Which is currently banned.

         As a result of the incident, Atalanta banned Palomino. With him having three days from the date of detection to request additional samples. If found guilty of intentional steroid use, Palomino faces a four-year ban from football ufabet.

         At the same time, even if it is not since Still face with a two-year ban anyway. With La Gazzetta dello Sport, the famous Italian media. He has stated that steroids have been teste. telfodermin which is a type of skin cream

         Palomino has been at Atalanta since 2017, making 202 appearances for the club, scoring eight goals and providing five assists.

Initial indications suggest that Clostebol is an ingredient in a healing ointment, Trofodermin. This is the same substance found in the last doping case in Serie A in 2017. Which led to the one-year suspension for then Benevento captain Fabio Lucioni. For doping, players risk up to a two-year ban. If it was an accident and up to four if it was an intentional move.

Palomino is now taking stock on the situation with his lawyer and Atalanta. And he’s already started searching for products that may contain the banned substance. The parties have three days to request counter-analyses, a procedure they obviously intend to follow. 

Should the presence of Clostebol be confirm. The 32-year-old will be judge. After the summer by National Anti-Doping Tribunal. Although a plea bargain would avoid this.