Milner reveals fans make Liverpool special

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Liverpool‘s veteran James Milner reveals what makes the club special. That makes himself a new contract with the club without thinking at all.

         The 36-year-old signed a new one-year contract last June. Which is referred to as inspiration from the moment the club held a parade to celebrate the championship after the end of last season, when the fans gathered in a crowd. Which is what makes this ufabet club special.

         “It’s something I don’t even have to think about,” Milner said. “When talking to the club They are happy with that. It has always been my desire to stay with the team.”

         “A disappointment in the final (Champions League) but then you see the reaction from the fans in the parade and see what this amazing club is.

         “The support we have received… It is very special and shows what this club and the city are like.”

‘Speaking to the club, they were happy with that. It was always my preference that I wanted to stay.

‘The disappointment of the [Champions League] final but then you see the reaction of the fans on the parade and see what an incredible football club it is.

‘The support we get… it was a special day and shows what the club and the city is all about.’